Nils Weller's C compiler


Please download nwcc via its sourceforge download page.

Compilation is as simple as "tar xvzf nwcc_VERSION.tar.gz; cd nwcc_VERSION; ./configure; make; make install"

A development git repository is also available. This repository currently contains critical AMD64 multiarch fixes that are needed to prevent lib64 linker errors on some Linux systems. You can clone this repository anonymously with the following git command:
git clone git://

The following package managers include nwcc as well (note that some of these may carry outdated versions, so it may still be best to get the most up-to-date source archive from sourceforge instead):

As the number of supported platforms and correctly working features grows, it becomes more and more difficult to test changes and additions. So nwcc_VERSION.tar.gz is usually the last version that was tested on all supported platforms, and nwcc_unstable.tar.gz (if present in the current version branch) is the most up-to-date snapshot - which contains new fixes and additions, but may be broken in some unexpected ways on some platforms.

Note that some "second tier" platforms (such as MIPS - which hasn't been developed for in months) may not be tested for a particular release. They are then marked as untested in the version history table.

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