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Here's a list of some known problems in nwcc 0.8.3. It is not exhaustive; Searching for XXX on the nwcc code or trying to build large programs should find some more. However, these are the documented bugs. Please contact me if you found other issues that aren't listed here.


All non-x86







As you can see, most of the obvious RISC problems relate to parts of variadic functions, parts of floating point - particularly long double - and inline assembly. That's because these things are among the most painful ones to implement, yet also among the least frequently used ones.

However, MIPS, PPC and SPARC haven't received the same amount of work as x86 and AMD64, so there are probably still many bugs in even very basic language constructs in those backends.

The priority of fixing a particular bug is generally somewhat proportional to its likelihood of being encountered in real world code. For example, I can't recall ever running into a program that passes a struct to a variadic function by value, or that uses MIPS inline assembly. So you can imagine that these things will take me longer to get right than most other features.

If you'd like me to fix a particular known bug that causes problems for you, feel free to contact me. I'm also open to feature requests.

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