Nils Weller's C compiler



nwcc 0.8.3 is out!

This is a minor update to update the author's mail address (if you sent any mail to the defunct old address and received no response, please send it to the new one again). Various critical AMD64-specific bugs have been fixed.


nwcc 0.8.2 is out!

This is a minor update fixing various critical, mostly AMD64-specific bugs. It also adds initial support for multi-dimensional VLAs.


nwcc 0.8.1 is out!

This release fixes a few (really not too many!) general and PIC-specific bugs that were encountered while compiling Tcl and mksh.


nwcc 0.7.9 is out!

This release fixes various general bugs. nwcc can now compile gcc, Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL at least on x86.


nwcc 0.7.8 is out!

This release adds support for Mac OS X on x86 and AMD64, and NetBSD on x86 systems. Various general bugs have been fixed.


nwcc 0.7.7 is out!

This release adds support for Linux/PPC64, and fixes many PPC-specific bugs in general. Bitfield storage layout has been fixed to be more ABI-compatible. This appears to work properly on x86 and AMD64, but apparently broke bitfield initializers on big endian systems. This wasn't fixed for the release because I'm tired of spending hours upon hours on this worthless nonsense C feature.


nwcc 0.7.6 is out!

This release fixes lots of platform-independent bugs, and many AMD64- and x86-specific ones as well. Sadly MIPS, PPC and even SPARC have received little testing and debugging. But I feel that it's time to draw a line and make a new release before tackling those issues. Otherwise I could go on debugging forever without ever bumping the version number. See the bugs page for an update on things that are still missing or buggy. The apps compatibility page has also been filled with some life.


nwcc 0.7.5 is out!

This release fixes lots of SPARC-specific bugs, and a few platform-independent ones as well. In addition, initial (and incomplete) support for TLS (thread-local storage) and PIC (position-independent code) has been added on x86, AMD64, and SPARC.

Because there was so much work to do for SPARC alone, MIPS and PPC have received almost no attention at all; Again, they will in the near future.


nwcc 0.7.4 is out!

This release adds tons of bugfixes, as well as initial support for various C99 and GNU C features. It has an emphasis on the x86 and AMD64 backends, which is why various fatal SPARC/MIPS/PPC bugs still haven't been fixed; That will be done for the next release.


The website has been re-organized slightly. There are now some new pages on nwcc/gcc compatibility, which have been drafted quickly and still need some additions and polishing.

Work on nwcc 0.7.4 has been well underway for a couple of months. I have realized that there is no point in making new releases before code correctness has been improved fundamentally, so it may take a few more weeks or months before I'm ready.

Currently it is recommended to use up-to-date snapshots (these are regularly updated; sometimes weekly, sometimes daily) instead of version 0.7.3.

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